Tax Planning, Compliance, and Litigation

Individuals or businesses may have tax law issues that arise at the federal, state, and local levels that can be in the form of IRS audits, tax liens, levies, and garnishments. If you are facing any type of mounting tax debt, it’s important to understand your situation, options, and solutions.

Our attorneys can help resolve both criminal and civil disputes with the taxing authorities as well as provide strategies to avoid potential and/or future issues for individuals and businesses. Attorney Agnes Kempker-Cloyd in her former position represented the IRS for over 30 years in her role as Assistant United States Attorney and has significant experience in all issues related to tax litigation and removing tax liens.Chase Bylenga Hulst can guide you through the IRS Audit process, develop strategies for resolving outstanding tax liability, negotiate and settle tax debts, and handle complex litigation with the taxing authorities.

If you need comprehensive, creative, and aggressive representation in complex business disputes, tax fraud allegations, real estate transactions, employment discrimination, insurance claims, whistleblower claims, probate matters, or adversary proceedings in bankruptcy cases, then you need the personalized, superior legal representation you can only find at Chase Bylenga Hulst, PLLC.

Tax Law Info

I owe back taxes to the IRS.
where do I start?

You start with a consultation. We can help determine what course of action is necessary to get you back on track with the IRS, what your liability is, what type of documentation we need to gather, and how to address it over a period of time.

The IRS placed a lien on my property, what now?

We first need to determine where the lien was filed, when it was filed, for how much, and what property was it filed against. From there, we can work with the IRS to have the lien removed.

I’m facing an audit. What can you do?

Many times, an audit requires precise documentation backed by a well worded explanation advocating for your position. An audit can be daunting but with a tailored approach, an attorney can make the process very manageable.